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I know. Trust me, brothers.... I know. You want to like flat rides, you really do, because they are so clean, pretty and pure. ...like... Pheobe Cates before she cut her hair! But, you just can't find a way to fit a flat into your set. You only have a limited number of attachments that you can fit onto that monstrosity of a rack.... ten. twenty at best. Well, get down to the local big box and grab another cymbal arm, boys, 'cause this flat ain't no wilting lilly. Here's a flat with some "oomph". She retains everything that you want in a flat, but a little more of everything. A little more size. A little more weight. A little more wash. A little more crash and shank. A little more of everything that is good in the world. Soundfile courtesy of Sinclair Lott, an incredible musician and top call in the L.A. scene.

Weight:2548 grams
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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